Value Assessments

Value Assessments

Standard Internal & Customer Stakeholders

  • Protects revenue and the odds of retaining internal, customer and teaming partner stakeholders by assessing perceived performance of an incumbent service provider for a specific contract or programs. Internal and customer feedback is solicited, analyzed, measured, and organized into best practice maturity model. Proven processes ensure feedback clarity, preserve context, and convey the degree of importance. Deliverables are structured to facilitate immediate and longer term action planning.

Comprehensive Internal & Customer Stakeholders

  • Expands upon the Standard Value Assessment with additional customer stakeholder communities of interest and feedback streams for more complex environments and/or the need for broader stakeholder engagement.

Enterprise Internal and Customer Stakeholders

  • An expansion of Comprehensive Assessment taking a broader look at portfolio of contracts or programs. Combined with a Stakeholder & Contract Analysis from our Stakeholder by Design® offerings we identify larger communities of interest based upon contract and stakeholder intersections and the identification of high priority touch points. Multiple internal and customer feedback streams provide a broader set of service provider trends, strengths and weaknesses.

Internal and Teaming Partners

  • Adapted from the Comprehensive Assessment focused on a deeper view of a service provider’s ability to attract, develop and retain high quality talent. Combined with teaming partner view of collaboration effectiveness, and relationship health, this feedback helps you develop and nurture a loyal and high performance team.

Contract Lifecycle Assessments

  • Combined with a Stakeholder Analysis from our Stakeholders by Design, this strategic and long term view of stakeholder engagement leverages a customized set of offerings over the life cycle of a contract. We work with you to identify the milestones and objectives based upon multiple feedback mechanism.

M & A Related

  • Adapted from the Enterprise Assessment to help you increase the odds of deriving the value expected from a M & A by understanding multiple communities of interest and how feedback is focused on stakeholder perceptions that affect the M & A goals, create risk of defection, or erode the value of "goodwill assets" and other common risk factors. Furthermore, stakeholder expectations can expedite stakeholder knowledge essential to effective integration and a seamless customer experience.