Stakeholders by Design®

Stakeholders by Design®

Stakeholder Experience Program Strategy & Plan Development

  • Advisory services, based upon comprehensive closed‐loop architecture and maturity models beginning with business strategy through closing the loop with stakeholder. The best practice model structures feedback to support a purposefully designed stakeholder experience and support multiple feedback mechanisms. The architecture enables your organization to implement and continually monitor your maturity across five levels: Interested > Informed > Involved & Committed > Invested & Embedding > Integrated and Innovated®

Stakeholder Experience Program Maturity Assessment

  • Building upon our core expertise in LOYALitix Value Assessments and our best practice Enterprise Maturity Model this analysis evaluates alignment of business goals and strategies for stakeholders experience helps facilitate a common view of the definition for program success, identified perceived strengths, current state or maturity, perceived areas for growth, external benchmarks needed for continuous improvement, and lessons learned.

Stakeholder Assessment Workshops

  • Facilitated sessions and defined formal deliverables are focused on capturing and expanding organization's knowledge of specific stakeholders. This knowledge is used to help our clients plan stakeholder events and earn the right to become Trusted Advisors by bringing timely and relevant thought‐leadership in a proactive manner to help Create New Value.