Our Clients

"The assessment was very helpful and very thorough. It cast things in a different light for us. It was very detailed and brought items to to the forefront that we might not have understood internally and also with our clients."

‐ Senior Vice President Systems Integrator

"Remediation is the operative word here. While we found many problems on our side, we remedied things with the customer by doing the assessment. We got back to the customer with items that we felt we needed on our side that we uncovered. By doing this, the customer made some changes without us asking and it benefited us greatly."

‐ Vice President & General Manager Systems Integrator

"The concept of partnering with our customers and having 'teaming partners' took on a new meaning when we viewed their feedback through a new lens. We were also able to identify some critical areas that were negatively affecting employee loyalty."

‐ Vice President & General Manager Systems Integrator

"After the assessment, I recieved very nice compliments from multiple sources at the customer. They indicated that having a third-party, anonymous assessment showed we really took their business and their feedback very seriously and they felt it further demonstrated our commitment to them."

‐ Principal Systems Integrator & Consulting

"I engaged Loyalitix in a number of independent, third-party assessments looking into perceived value of the services of my business unit to our clients. Loyalitix a tremendously quick study, generated enthusiasm among my staff, and brought us tremendous insights into what we were doing right and where we could improve in the eyes of our clients. I used Loyalitix services repeatedly due to the high-value content of Loyalitix assessments and Loyalitix creative recommendations."

‐ Senior Vice President Systems Integrator

"The approach of looking at performance from the perspective of a path forward toward earning loyalty and creating value for our customers gave us a whole new perspective on engaging our employees and customers. We made several major changes that resonated with our customer."

‐ CEO Systems Integrator

Our Client's Sentiment

"I like that they [service provider] have their internal reviews, but this independent evaluation is good; we tend to be nicer to their people who come out. I am glad they solicit feedback and get it from multiple sources."

‐ Deputy CIO, Civil Agency

"I'm glad they are doing this ‐ please let them know I want to know what I can do to help them be successful."

‐ CIO, Federal Agency

"This was a very enjoyable interview and you are good at what you do. Initially, I was worried about how to fill an hour but it flew by. These are great questions and I appreciate the structure ‐ I got to say what I wanted to say but it was not work for me because of the structure."

‐ COTR, Civil Agency

"It sets them apart from [other service providers] to make this investment and take action on our feedback."

‐ Director, Federal Agency