Loyal Litix
Service Offerings
  • LOYALitix® Value Assessments helps you increase the odds of retaining your employees and customers by focusing on outcomes and predictive factors to help you identify:

    • Effectiveness of structures and resources, and identification of barriers
    • Perceived performance based upon examples and expectations that create gaps
    • Relationships in need of repair, intervention, strengthening, or establishing
    • Opportunities to demonstrate leadership, differentiate, and provide thought-leadership
    • Areas for macro and micro change, and organizational development through listening and learning
    • Customer drivers for creating value through innovation and resourcefulness as a trusted advisor
  • LOYALitix® Comprehensive Value Assessment
    • Builds upon the Value Assessment scope and is configured/customized to meet specific requirements or unique scenarios

  • LOYALitix® Crucial Steps and Early Wins provides a defined structure and resource to help you take swift action on stakeholder feedback and demonstrate results
  • LOYALitix® Stakeholder Feedback Integration multiplies the value of stakeholder feedback by structuring a comprehensive perspective of the issues that drive customer and employee perceptions and ultimately their loyalty. We use our experience in designing and operating Business Transformation Offices to configure a model for governance, coordination, and promotion of organizational learning to support your on-going journey of Maturing and Integration Your Customer Experience Capabilities: SATISFIED > LOYAL > ADVOCATE® based upon the feedback from a concluded assessment engagement.
  • Successful change is anchored in visible, unified, and unwavering leadership. This is central to engaging the hearts and minds of stakeholders during times of change. Again, with the focus on helping you to become self-sufficient, we will develop an Executive Communication Framework and provide advisory support for change management associated with stakeholder feedback from an assessment.