Loyal Litix
What We Do

General Overview

  • We provide business-to-business management consulting services for evaluating and managing customer experience and employee loyalty.
  • We bring best practice methodologies to measure performance from the viewpoint of value creation, qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • We leverage our extensive experience in business transformation to advise our clients on turn-around strategies for troubled programs or contracts.

LOYALitix® is:

  • An information architecture with an integrated maturity model and set of offerings for soliciting, analyzing, organizing, and taking action on stakeholder feedback.
  • The architecture spans six major and twenty-nine subdomains of organizational capabilities and behaviors that we know through research, best practices, and experience, which either detract from or contribute to stakeholder advocacy.
  • Founded on four core principles related to stakeholder’s rational and relational expectations.
  • Acknowledges distinct attributes associated with SATISFIED > LOYAL > ADVOCATE®.
  • Focuses on VALUE > VALUE ADD > VALUE CREATION as the basis for advocacy.
  • Maturing and Integrating Your Customer Experience Capabilities® is essential if you are to move your stakeholders from being merely satisfied to outspoken advocates.