Loyal Litix
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How is this different than a survey?
    • Surveys have their place. Surveys are generally most appropriate for specific transaction points in the customer’s corridor, for process-related events or reviews, and brief generalized input from mass audiences. Real-time, face-to-face interviewing by experts produces a far richer data set than a survey. With the combination of expert interviewing and our interviewing instrument we are able to ensure that your stakeholders are able to convey what they most need you to know. Because the interviewee is not required to do any interview preparation or fill out any forms our approach takes the burden off of the interviewee by allowing them to respond in a free-flowing conversational format.

  • How is this different from a third-party, in-house assessment?
    • We have internal teams outside of the program team perform assessments today. In our experience, these internal groups tend to focus mostly, though perhaps not entirely, on contractual compliance, staffing levels, quality metrics, financial performance, etc. LOYALitix® Value Assessments addresses meeting commitments as well, but we understand that the stakeholder-related topics, creating real business value for your customer and their customers, being change adaptive, and having structures and other organizational elements for sustained performance, are also essential. From a service provider’s view, a non-operational but internal entity may be viewed as independent, but most customers do not view company-administered assessments as truly third-party and objective. Lastly, our customers that use multiple processes to gather customer feedback from a variety of contacts within an account actually benefit the most from integrating our services into their overall quality and customer support strategies.